UPDATE: You can feel the excitement in the air.  From people sporting their favorite team's jersey to friendly debates on social media, the Super Bowl frenzy is everywhere.

At one local church, they are not only rooting for a team but a member of their congregation as well.

While many Chattanoogans will watch Super Bowl LII at home, one local pastor is getting a front row seat.

It's not every day someone gets to see their team play on football's biggest stage. It's even rarer to meet the team in person. For Pastor Kevin Wallace, he gets to do both.

The lead pastor of Redemption to the Nations Church is delivering the devotional for the LA Rams.

"This is a bucket list, kind of a dream thing, so I was blown away, very shocked, but excited," Wallace said.

Jacques McClendon, a Baylor School graduate now works for the Los Angeles Rams in player development. Back in September, he asked Wallace to do a chapel for the team.

"I told them then, you're going to go to the Super Bowl, and you're gonna win it, and when you get to Atlanta, remember me," Wallace said.

And they kept their word. This week, he received a call to lead the devotional for the entire organization.

While it's an exciting time, you can imagine its also stressful being on an international stage.

The pastor hopes to give them a rock-solid foundation to stand on before they take the field.

"Just remind them, you know what, at the end of the day, don't ever forget, success or failure, God always loves you, God's got a plan for your life. I'm going to go in and encourage these guys and hopefully speak into their lives in encouraging ways and build them up in their heart," he said.

Wallace will have 20 minutes with the team Sunday morning and will serve communion, a huge honor for this Chattanooga pastor.

"We aspire to be the most loving church in the world, and it's opportunities and platforms, just God-given opportunities like this that give us the access to walk in and share the love of God," Wallace said.

Though he's been a Rams fan before this opportunity, he now has more skin in the game. While he's not sure who will lead devotion for the New England Patriots, he hopes his message will give the Rams the encouragement they need to make history.

"We wish them Godspeed, I just hope that we the Rams cream Brady and the Patriots, and all will be well in Chattanooga if that happens," he said.

Pastor Wallace and his wife are both graduates of Lee University and have traveled the world with their church.

You can follow Pastor Wallace and his trip to the Super Bowl on his Twitter page.

ORIGINAL STORY: A Chattanooga pastor will make his way to Atlanta this weekend for Super Bowl LIII.

Kevin Wallace is the lead pastor of Redemption To The Nations Church. He is also a graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The Los Angeles Rams asked Wallace to lead the team in a devotional before the game.

In a tweet, he stated this will be his first time attending the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LIII will take place on Sunday, January 3 in Atlanta, Georgia.