With the seasonal repairs now completed, Chattanooga's iconic Incline Railway is scheduled to reopen on February 2.

The lack of foliage along the rails in the winter means an uninterrupted view of the Lookout Valley and Chattanooga for passengers. As a plus, the cars are heated, making the trip up Lookout Mountain more comfortable in the colder months.

"The Incline Railway repairs have been completed and we are looking forward to hosting our first riders for 2019," said Lisa Maragnano, Executive Director of CARTA. "We are thrilled to open early as we have been cleared for operation by the US Department of Transportation. The safety for our passengers is job #1," she added.

The Lookout Mountain Incline Railway is Chattanooga's oldest tourism attraction, located at the base of Lookout Mountain in St. Elmo.

Tickets and information are available online at ridetheincline.com.