A display of flowers was set up Wednesday night in downtown Chattanooga to remember Sandy Bell, more commonly known as The Flower Man, who died Sunday.

Fox and Fern, a flower boutique, helped set up the display of flowers.

Sandy's sister, Harriett Sills, said when she looks at the flowers everyone brought she feels like she is looking right at her brother. Sills said she knew Sandy touched many people, but the memorial was so much more than she imagined.

"I think it's a cool kind of shared experience that people in Chattanooga have had through him, knowing him, and those little small interactions," said Christie Burns.

If you ask around downtown Chattanooga, many people will tell you they have a story involving Sandy.

"He touched a lot of people’s hearts, because he was a good person," said Sandy’s friend Danny Jones.

Sandy was known around town for his bicycle, smile, positive personality, but more than anything, he was known for giving out flowers.

"It didn't matter to Sandy, he expressed love with a rose,” Sills recalled.

Now, the community is remembering him in the way he showed love, with flowers.

People stopped by to lay bouquets on a display next to his picture and tell their favorite Sandy story.

It was an overwhelming memorial for Sandy’s seven siblings.

"It's like he's right here,” said Sills, “This is what he did. This is what he did!"

The floral display keeps growing - a fitting tribute for the person who could change your day with a flower.

"All the love and stuff it's like we looking at him right now,” Sills said looking at the memorial, “We're looking at him! We're looking at him!"