We are depending on good surveillance cameras and your good tip to round up these bad guys. Up to $1,000 reward cash is on the table if you can point us toward their arrest.

"Well, I would say that if they're going to steal from one person they're going to steal from others," said Red Bank Police Detective Sgt. Steve Hope. "They could be stealing from family. They probably will."

That is even more of a reason to get these guys before their criminal enterprise becomes more successful. In Red Bank is the Motorcycle Collective, a long warehouse-type building. Detective Sgt. Hope says one particular duo has found a way in.

"There are three separate occasions," Sgt. Hope explained. "We have surveillance on two occasions."

In the store video, you can clearly see them looking for motorcycles and even rolling them out through the parking lot. Sometimes, they have their hoods up obstructing our view, but, occasionally, we get a decent look at their faces.

"I've determined that they are two white males; younger," Hope said. "One has facial hair and the other one that I saw looks like he's got short hair or even bald."

These two are potentially in a lot of trouble.

"They're facing burglary charges as well as theft over $1000," Hope added. "Burglary charges because it's in a business, it's not a residence." Both of those are felonies.

To make matters worse, the motorcycles do not even belong to the shop owner. He was working on them for clients.

"He's a small businessman, he doesn't have a lot of money," Hope said. "He's trying to do the best he can with what he has."

The more these two take, the less the business owner has. So, have a good look at the video. Pay attention to what they are wearing and how they carry themselves and be on the lookout for stolen motorcycles being sold on the cheap. One is pictured in the story with a Grateful Dead decal on the yellow front fender.

Motorcycle stolen from Red Bank business.

If you think you know them, we have reward cash. Get these youngsters headed back on the straight and narrow before they steal something that belongs to you.

"They're not gonna stop," Det. Sgt. Hope detailed. "So, if you want to keep what yours, do the right thing. Don't do it for the money. Do it because it's the right thing to do."

Help track this duo down before they hit this business a fourth time. They will never know you assisted us unless you tell them. If you recognize them, you need the Crime Stoppers number: 698-3333

We have up to a $1,000 for your tip and we will never ask your name.

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