Temperatures are expected to drop down to the teens in parts of the Tennessee Valley and it's not expected to let up in time for school.

Jamie McAloon with McKamey Animal Center advises people to keep your pets indoors.

If someone can't keep their dog indoors, make sure your furry friend has a warm dog house.

McAloon suggests dry bedding like straw or cedar chips and when taking your dog out limit the time it’s exposed to the cold. Dogs with less fur may need a sweater.

McAloon said, “Dogs get cold, they get hypothermia, they get frostbite and the thing with frostbite is that you won't know until the deed is done, which means it’s about two days later and then they'll see the effects of the frostbite on the ears and on the paw pads."

Experts at Life Care Center in Red Bank say, don’t forget to check on elderly neighbors and family members. They advise older adults shouldn’t be out in the cold for long saying as we age our bodies can't retain as much heat.

Cole Webster is the general manager at The Barn Nursery in Chattanooga wants to remind people to watch their plants as well.

Webster said, "When it gets cold like this just throwing a bed sheet or frost cloth over plants is the best thing to do. With your hardier plants, it's actually good for them to experience a little bit of the seasons. It’s just a natural thing for them."

Maxi Auto says your car battery may need attention as well.  Plus, don’t forget your antifreeze. 

Dominick Lipari, assistant manager at Maxi Auto and said, "When it's cold your hoses get brittle and whenever you get that pressure built up in your cooling system your pipes tend to burst."

Maxi Auto also suggest you warm your car before driving off. This will allow your oil to heat up properly.

Officials want to remind residents to stay in their car as it heats up to prevent it from being stolen or burglarized.