For some families hoping to build a snowman from Tuesday snow day, they were out of luck.

However, on Signal Mountain just enough snow fell for dozens of kids to head to the golf course for some good old fashion sledding.

Many own their own and keep a sled on standby, while others went to the local hardware store to snag the perfect piece of plastic to give them the most momentum down a hill.

For one family, this is a tradition spanning over four decades. Sherry and her two girls love snow days, not just because they get out of school, but also they go to a special place.

“It has been a long tradition, ever since I grew up on Signal. Everybody would run over to the hill, the same hill on the mountain. It’s got a great distance to go far on the sled. So for about the last 40 years, we have always come over to this hill to go sledding,” Sherry said.

Kids from all over come just to sled on these hills. A fun way to spend a snow day and you have to earn each sled afterwards when you carry it back up the hill.

Above all, Sherry said it gives her family something to do with her kids on a day that can be dangerous on the roads.

“We definitely stay off the roads. We are fortunate enough do you live right across from the golf course up on the mountain, so we always try to dress warmly and get some sledding in,” Sherry said.

Signal Mountain Police Chief Mike Williams said Public Works did a good job pretreating the roads earlier this week, which made for a smooth commute on Tuesday.

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