Whitfield County and Dalton Public Works are bracing for the winter weather.

They say their top priority is to make sure everyone, including first responders, are safe.

Whitfield County crews spent the day loading salt trucks and getting plows in place.

Public Works Director Dewayne Hunt says his crews are ready for whatever hits the area.

"Hopefully, when we come in the morning, we are ready to launch and react, then the maintenance part will be over,” Hunt said.

The county was not out pre-salting the roads.

Hunt says the salt could get washed away from the winter weather, making the roads dangerous to drive on.

"If we did it today, then the traffic is going to move it off the edge of the road. And the rain we foresee coming in would wash the rest of it away, then we would be back to square one," Hunt said.

The city of Dalton has a different approach.

Public Works spent the day making thousands of gallons of salt brine, in order to pre-treat the roads.

Assistant Director Andrew Parker says pre-brining is an important step in making easy to drive on

"We are really proactive because we keep the snow from binding to the roadway, and once the snow comes and accumulates on the road way, those plows are just able to push it off very cleanly," said Parker.

Though Whitfield County and Dalton use different methods, they say black ice is the hardest element to combat, telling drivers if the storm gets as bad as predicted, everyone should stay off the roads.

"But once the ice is underneath the snow, then I think all bets are off. It's very treacherous, and then the snow packs on top of the ice, so it makes for a slick surface,” Hunt said.

"You know, if your work isn't called out or it's an absolute emergency, we would advise to try and stay off the roads, that keeps the motorists safe and keeps our employees safe,” Parker said.

Crews will be out early Tuesday morning monitoring the road conditions.