In the app stores you'll find thousands and thousands of games. You could spend hours playing them. But just a few minutes out of your schedule, you could be helping someone see.

The app is called "Be My Eyes" and here's how it works:

When a blind person needs help with a daily activity such as making sure the shirt they plan to wear, matches their pants, or maybe seeing if the milk in the fridge has expired, the blind person opens the "Be My Eyes" app.

The organization gives an example in a video, showing someone who is visually impaired looking at a food product label. She grabs her phone, taps the screen and says "I need some help, how much sodium?"

A sighted person who's also downloaded the app, gets a notification on their phone that someone could use some help. The blind person then points their camera at what they want to see and the volunteer serves as their eyes over a live video connection.

If a request for help goes out and a volunteer doesn't immediately answer, it's forwarded on to someone else so the visually impaired person does not have to wait.'

Over 113,000 blind and low-vision people use the app now, and nearly 2 million volunteers are waiting to help. So many more volunteers than visually impaired users, it may take a while before you're asked to help.

Your smartphone can be used for games, keeping in touch with others and finding information. I've had a difficult time finding an app that serves to help people like this one.