Two former Chattooga County police officers have been arrested and charged on multiple offenses, including a drug-related charge.

Kenneth Martin, a former employee of the Chattooga County Sheriff's Office, and Matt Craig, a former employee of Summerville Police, have been charged on multiple counts after having steroids in their possession. 

Martin and Craig are believed to have purchased testosterone propionate with the intent to distribute.

Both have been charged with Conspiracy to Violate the Georgia Controlled Substance Act and Making a False Statement.

Martin told investigators that he was the only one involved in the incident, while Craig claimed he had no knowledge of Martin's activities. 

Additionally, Martin has been charged with Possession of a Schedule 3 Controlled Substance. 

According to Chattooga Sheriff Mark Schrader, Craig left Summerville Police prior to the charges, and Martin left Chattooga Sheriff's Department before the investigation began due to a "domestic situation." 

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