Sandy Bell has been a fixture in downtown Chattanooga for decades.

You’d see him riding his bike decorated with streamers and flags, holding a bundle of flowers and a big smile.

Bell walked through bars and restaurants passing out flowers and positivity to those he met.

People often gave Bell a donation for his kindness.

Even during his own health battles, Bell continued to spread cheer.

In 2010, Bell was diagnosed with colon cancer. A few years later, he suffered a stroke.

Each time, the community rallied and donated money to help pay for his medical and living expenses.

When people learned of Bell’s death on Sunday, they began sharing their thoughts and pictures on social media.

Fox and Fern, a floral design boutique on Chestnut Street in the West Village, is planning a tribute on Wednesday, January 30 from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm. The owner and her husband said they always enjoyed seeing Bell downtown and wanted to host an event for the public to honor a man who brought a smile to the faces of everyone he met.

The location of the event hasn’t been decided but it will most likely feature a temporary floral installation in a downtown green space. Updates will be shared on the Fox and Fern Facebook page.