Organizations and businesses served food to federal workers impacted by the partial government shutdown Saturday, January 26th, in hopes of lifting spirits.

Jim Masiella who the food truck California Smothered Burritos said, "We all have to eat and I grew up poor, I was raised by a single mom and there were nights where I would go with little or nothing to eat."

Masiella offered free food Saturday night to anyone with a valid government ID.

Out of the 800,000 federal workers who were impacted by the partial government shutdown nearly 1,000 applied for unemployment in Tennessee.

Masiella says although the shutdown has ended people still went weeks without pay which is why he wanted to give back.

Masiella said, "I saw an interview with a barber and he was offering free haircuts, because he said when you have a good haircut, you feel better about yourself and that kind of got me thinking along these lines of what can I do and I felt well people have to eat so I'll feed them."

WRCB spoke with one federal worker who says she didn't receive a paycheck for three weeks but says she was one of the lucky ones because she had enough savings to last until the shutdown ended.

Near the airport, another organization fed TSA employees who were also impacted by the shutdown.

William Ladd is the pastor of First Baptist Church and said, "We wanted it to be a fellowship event, we fellowshipped with them and to let them know we were praying for them and supporting them."

Ladd says the airport workers were grateful for the meals provided to them.

He and his church also gave gifts cards earlier in the week to help lighten the financial load.

Ladd said, "They still haven't gotten paid yet and they still don't know when their pay come in for their paychecks, so they are excited it's over. They really appreciate the support that not only our church gave throughout this whole shutdown period."

Both pastor Ladd and Masiello say they will continue to support workers until they can find some stability.