Local residents and organizations are responding to the government re-opening.

More than 800,000 federal workers impacted by the government shutdown can start expecting assistance.

The same goes for those who use the SNAP program, but everyone is wondering “when?"

At last check, there is no definite date when back funding will be issued out to workers.

Tennessee lawmakers reacted to the temporary solution to re-open the government, Senator Marsha Blackburn says re-opening the government solves the immediate problem in funding the back pay for federal workers but does not solve the need for stronger borders.

Representative Chuck Fleischman agrees border security needs to be addressed, but challenges democratic leaders to come to the table and work with the president.

Senator Lamar Alexander says he voted twice to re-open the government.

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank will continue to support people who need their help and leaders say they’ll plan to be ready in case of another shutdown. 

This is good news for Candice Stepp who receives SNAP benefits but has been careful with her funds

Stepp said, "It just helps me with my bills and stuff, it's nice not to have to do food with my budget."

Stepp says she is able to make it through March when she'll get her next snap allocation. 

She encourages others to be frugal.

Step said, "I would just spend your usual amount like if you get 300 only spend 300 and just use the next for next month."

The USDA statement saying it will be working quickly to re-establish normal operations and that will include SNAP benefits.