UPDATE: Duke is continuing to recover after he was tossed from a truck in Bradley County Friday.

SPCA of Bradley County manager Amanda Morgan said the vet says Duke is doing well. 

The shelter is still feeding Duke small portions, but they say he is eating and drinking everything they give him.

Duke's body temperature is still a bit below where it should be, but it has risen since Friday afternoon when it was only 94 degrees.

"His body temp is up to 97 degrees. All in all, he is progressing well," Morgan said. 

The SPCA said a normal body temperature for a dog is between 101 and 102.5 degrees.

Channel 3 will continue to keep you updated on how Duke is doing. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A dog was tossed from a truck in Bradley County Friday morning, and the person responsible has not been found.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Bradley County said around 10:00 am, someone threw a dog out of a white F-150 off of Zion Hill Road and Armstrong Road.

A witness saw it happen and thought the person had only thrown out trash, but come to find out, it was a dog wrapped in a blue tarp.

The witness wrapped the dog up and took him to the SPCA.

The shelter named the dog "Duke."

They said he only had a twisted fuchsia collar on and was not microchipped.

SPCA of Bradley County manager Amanda Morgan said if Duke had been left out in the road, he would not have survived longer than 12-24 hours.

Duke was found in an emaciated condition, meaning he was close to starvation. An SPCA spokesperson said he was so weak that he could barely stand.

He only weighs 27 pounds.

Currently, Duke is eating some, and the SPCA is working to raise his body temperature, which was also below normal.

The SPCA is hopeful Duke will make a full recovery and be able to live with a foster family in a few weeks.

They are working with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office to find the person responsible.

If you have any information that can help deputies, call the sheriff's office at (423) 728-7300.

Donations are also being accepted through the SPCA's Angel Fund to help with Duke's care.

"Donations to this fund will go directly towards the treatment of special medical cases of animals in our care, including (but not limited to) medically necessary surgeries, severe cases of mange and extensive care for cases of cruelty/neglect," a spokesperson added.

You can donate over the phone by calling 423- 790-1915. You can also contribute online or by mailing a donation to  SPCA of Bradley County, TN, PO Box 703, Cleveland, TN 37364.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates on Duke.