Two Chattanooga police officers have been fired following separate internal affairs investigations within two months of each other, Chattanooga police spokesperson Elisa Myzal confirms. 


Daniel Parda was terminated November 29th, 2018, following an internal affairs investigation.

Channel 3 is working to learn when the investigation started and the details of the investigation. 

According to court documents, Parda was arrested earlier this month on charges of stalking, harassment, and criminal trespassing.

Documents outline a history of similar accusations starting in October of 2018. Records show the January charges outlined the fourth time police responded to a complaint of this nature against Parda since October.

Myzal confirmed the arrest is not related to the internal affairs investigation. 

A second officer, Daniel Mitchum, was fired on January 24th following a separate internal affairs investigation. That investigation was launched in August 2018 after Mitchum crashed his patrol car on the interstate. 

It was his second reported crash since he joined the department in 2013.

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