UPDATE: A driver and his family are doing okay after being trapped inside their truck on a flooded Mount Calvary Road near Highway 28 on Thursday night. You can view parts of the 911 call below.

Dispatcher: "Marion County 911."

Driver: "We're in a river, we're in a white truck, we've got a five year old with us please hurry!"

You can hear the sheer panic in their voices as freezing cold water from the Sequatchie River begins to seep inside this family's truck.

Driver: "Just be still Kimberly, hold on to me..."

Child: "I'm scared grandpa."

Driver: "I know you're scared just be calm, honey."

Dispatcher: "Is everybody out of the truck?"

Driver: "No, we're trapped in the truck the water is going too fast, she can't swim!"

Marion County Sheriff Ronnie Burnette says the incident happened around 9:00 Thursday night on Mount Calvary Road.

"A man and I think his wife and a 6 year-old kid got trapped in the water. Whitwell Rescue and West Valley Rescue had to come and get them out of the vehicle," he told Channel 3.

Mount Calvary is one of several roads close to the river known to those in the area for flooding during periods of heavy rain. 

"I had originally thought that [since] it's a low area there, that there were barrels up but there wasn't. There were some other areas where there were barriers up," the sheriff explained.

Burnette says the driver, his girlfriend and family were in town visiting family when they got stuck.

Dispatcher: "We've got rescue in route to you, okay?"

Driver: "Please hurry. It's cold!"

Within in just minutes of the call, rescuers were able to make it to the scene saving all three passengers.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two adults and a child are OK after their car was driven into the Sequatchie River Thursday night.

Marion County Dispatch told Channel 3 that crews responded to an entrapment call on Mount Calvary Road in Whitwell around 9:00 pm.

They say all three people were transported to the hospital but have since been released.