Mail and package thefts in East Ridge are on the rise and police are trying to stop them.

“It's bad. It's something we definitely want to address,” Assistant Chief Stan Allen, with the East Ridge Police Department, said.

Home surveillance video shows a white Chevy Malibu slowly drive past several homes in the Perry Village subdivision off McBrien Road. It then turns around and stops at a mailbox. Seconds later, you see the driver pull out mail from the mailbox, and then drive off.

Allen said, “they’re looking for something that they can turn into money,” or any personal information to steal identities.  

Police said the car in the video matches the description of one used in other recent thefts, but no arrests have been made.

“I don't believe it's a lot of different people. It may be some of the same people,” Allen explained.

The thefts are becoming more common. In the past 30 days, 20 mail and package thefts were reported in East Ridge.  

“It is the first time I remember seeing this many in that period of time,” Allen added. “They're all over the city and not in any central area.”

East Ridge police said thieves usually target nicer homes, looking for any mailbox flags that are up and have outgoing mail inside. Anything left on your porch is also a target.

“If somebody sees something that they think is suspicious, then let us know. Let us come and check it out. If it's nothing then that fine, but we can get information on people that are wandering around neighborhoods,” Allen said. “If we can make some arrests, it will stop.”

Allen said officers will be out patrolling neighborhoods as they have been. He is urging everyone to take all outgoing mail to a secure location or post office.