We got a pretty good look at this week's suspect in Collegedale.

"I do think he's local just because he frequents the area," said Det. Brandon Allen. "But, he doesn't care to be on TV."

We are happy to accommodate with an appearance that just might get the bad guy nicked. He is wanted for robbing storage units in Collegedale town and in several jurisdictions. "He does the same thing, every time," explained Det. Allen. "He uses the bolt cutters to cut the locks and actually puts the locks in his pocket and he is seen on the video putting the locks in his pocket. He'll walk his bolt cutters back out to his vehicle and place him in his vehicle and then he will come back in the business and start carrying out the items that he wants from the storage unit."

This crook does not operate under cover of darkness, rather in the early morning light, just after sunrise, before the office opens. "He doesn't care," reiterated Allen. "This facility is a fairly new facility. They have state-of-the-art cameras. I think a couple of them even have flashing lights on them. The business is lit up at night and day. He walks right by the camera as you can see on video. He loads his truck right in front of a camera. He doesn't care."

The suspect lowers the tailgate to conceal his license plate, but you may recognize the truck. "It's a green Dodge," Allen said. "I would say an older model; 90's model, green Dodge."

Or, you may recognize the man, himself. He doesn't go for disguises and such. "He doesn't. He had a jacket on. It appears to say The Home Depot, like one of the racing jackets," Det. Allen described. "He appears to be in his late 40's early 50's, somewhere around there. Someone knows him. I mean, he's someone's family. Someone knows him. Someone knows the truck; sees the truck. Could be a neighbor, just hopefully someone will call Crime Stoppers."

You and your good information may be the key to solving this crime and many others. For your help, we would be glad to offer you up to $1,000 reward. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

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