How many times do you touch a key on a keyboard every day? Counting the computer and the keyboard on our mobile device it could be hundreds of thousands keystrokes every day. To my knowledge, no one has actually studied this, but I couldn't help but wonder when I saw new technology at CES this month that allows people to type on any surface without using a device or computer.

Tap is a wearable device that looks as if someone took five plastic rings and put them together.

As I watched, Virginia Frazee typed away on a table at a coffee shop and the characters showed up on a tablet a few feet away.

"There's nylon cording in the actual rings themselves and they're made of soft-touch CPS's, so it's very easy to take on an off," she said. "There are five accelerometers inside the tap itself that registers the accelerations.”

She's correct about the device being comfortable. It’s barely noticeable. When we first met and shook hands, I didn't notice she was wearing anything on her hands.

"I've actually been taking meetings with it and shaking hands, forgetting it's even there," she said.

Yoav Shalev, another person who works for Tap told me why someone might want to add characters to a screen without touching a keyboard.

"Some screens that are unable to accept input, such as smartwatches. The problem really troubled them so we started exploring all the different options to input," he said.

Tap doesn't use the standard QWERTY keyboard, but one that, they say is easier to use. This isn't the technology we're going to have to wait for. Tap is already on the market, for sale on the company's website and Amazon for $199.99.