UPDATE: Normal Park Museum Magnet teacher Bethany Schklar has died, the school confirms.

According to the school, she passed away Friday.

Schklar was seriously injured in a crash in the 3300 block of Brainerd Road around 9:00 am Monday.

Chattanooga police said Schklar was hit while she was turning onto Brainerd Road from Elmwood Drive.

A Nissan Altima crashed into the driver side door of her vehicle.

Police said Schklar suffered major trauma in the crash.

The driver of the Nissan Altima was also injured. She was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries. CPD said she was in stable condition.

The passenger in the Nissan Altima was injured as well, but their injuries are not believed to be serious.

Chattanooga police say the investigation into the crash is ongoing.


PREVIOUS STORY: A Normal Park Museum Magnet School teacher is still recovering from a brain injury she received in car crash on Brainerd Road Monday morning.

Bethany Schklar is loved by many of her friends and students.

Dr. James Arnett with UTC has been friends with Bethany Schklar and her husband since the day they met five years ago. But to him, the couple is more like family.

"There is just no question that between the two of them, they just generate this amazing field of love, that really radiates from the two of them,” Arnett said.

When he got the news that Bethany had been in an accident and suffered significant injuries, he immediately rushed to her family's side.

Arnett says seeing her in the hospital in the state she was in left him speechless.

"It occurred to me the first person I would call if something like this would happen is Bethany. And the idea that it's happened to her, it gives you the sense of the depth of loss,” Arnett said.

Arnett says he hasn't stopped thinking about Bethany and her family, and he's not alone.

"We just said a little prayer for her. We've just been talking about it every day and praying,” Melanie Singer said.

Melanie Singer's son Henry had Mrs. Schklar as a teacher two years ago.

The love she showed Henry is an example of why other parents say they wanted her to be their teacher.

"But when you have a teacher who also delights in their achievements and encourages them, and wants to see them succeed, it just means a lot to you as a parent,” Singer said.

Other parents have started a GofundMe page to help with medical bills and other expenses.

One parent even started a Meal Train page so Mrs. Schklar's family won't have to worry about food during this tough time.

Dr. Arnett isn't surprised to see all of this love for the Schklar family, because it's the same love they show everyone else. He remains hopeful for his dear friend.

Many parents say Mrs. Schklar loved all of her kids, saying she is a solid gold teacher and person.

Normal Park Magnet School has crisis counselors at the school to help students cope with the situation.

If you would like to help, you can make a donation through  GoFundMe and Meal Train.

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