A 3-mile police chase ended in a Soddy-Daisy woman's backyard. 

It started Tuesday around 10 p.m. on Tsati Terrace near Highway 27, and ended on Clay Hill Drive.

The deputy who chased Zachary Taylor and Michael Wortman thought they were impaired, according to the arrest affidavit. That deputy says he spotted the two in a blue Dodge pickup truck speeding with no lights on and swerving between lanes before they got stuck in Jaclyn Burton's backyard.

Burton says her and her husband were in bed when she heard someone yelling outside.

“I told my husband to call the cops something crazy is happening outside there are people in the yard,” said Jaclyn Burton. 

Through her window, she saw at least 11 patrol cars surrounding her home and tire marks stretching through her front yard.

“I saw the truck with the headlight there. I thought it had hit our fence,” said Burton.

Moments later, Burton saw two men get out of the car and try to run.

But they didn't get far.

“There is an opening so they could have made it to the woods,” she said. “We definitely have a lot of junk out there to trip them up so it was not easy.”

Burton says Taylor and Wortman did not go down without a fight.

"The one guy was very aggressive even after he was apprehended so I guess they were just really messed up,” said Burton. “I will never forget this as long as I live.”

According to the affidavit, Taylor admitted he was trying to lose another deputy who tried pulling him over before the chase and that he had marijuana in the truck. He also told deputies he was trying to help Wortman escape so he would not get arrested.