The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office responded to a crash involving a school bus and SUV on Boy Scout Road Wednesday evening.

It happened around 3:20 pm in the 1100 block Boy Scout Road.

HCSO spokesperson Matt Lea says the bus driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic as it turned onto to Hampton Wood Circle and was hit by a Chevrolet Blazer.

Hamilton County schools spokesperson Tim Hensley says the school bus involved was Bus #2 that was coming from Middle Valley Elementary.

Elizabeth Foster is the grandmother of two of the children that were among the eight children on the bus when the crash happened.

Foster says she knew as soon as she drove up to the traffic her grandchildren were on the bus.

Foster said, "I looked up and saw the bus and my stomach started to flip and my heart started racing because I knew it was their bus."

Foster's oldest grandson, 10-year-old Averoyan Sandridge, knew he had to take action and check on the younger kids during the moments after the crash.

Averoyan said, "The first person I went to was the Pre-K kid and I went to him and I asked him was he okay. I asked him that about four times and then I went to all the other kids."

Averoyan says he was happy he could help bring order to all the chaos and says that he was going to protect the younger kids like he does his own little brother who was also on the bus at the time of the incident.

Averoyan said, "I just thought that there is some kindergarten kid, some Pre-K kids that were getting off that stop that could’ve got hurt. And so I was just ready to help them because I knew they could have been standing up or not expecting that hit or leaning on the window."

Foster says she is glad her grandchildren are safe, but something still needs to be done.

Foster said, "There is always some kind of accident right there on those curves. They need speed bumps or something to slow people down. They recently put up those sharp curves signs, but that's not deterring anything."

Lea, the spokesperson for HCSO, says the bus driver and eight students on board were not injured.

The driver of the SUV was taken to a hospital for a medical review.

Channel 3 is working to learn the driver's condition.

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