A woman was sentenced to 43 years without the possibility of parole on 16 total counts of fraud. 

After a four day trial, 37-year-old Cara Ann Williams, also known as Kaesarea Williams, was sentenced to serve a total of 43 years without the possibility of parole on 16 total counts in Whitfield County. Those counts include aggravated identity fraud, forgery, financial transaction card theft, and false statements. 

The sentence will run concurrently with a five-year no parole on a separate December 18, 2018 case involving the unlawful possession of a telephone in the Whitfield County Jail, and an additional extensive criminal history of burglary, deposit account fraud, forgery, identity fraud, residential mortgage fraud, and theft in the Metro Atlanta area. Williams also has similar active charges in Wilksonson County, Georgia.  

During the trial, 10 witnesses were called to establish that Williams had worked at two different local businesses using false identification documents and was found to be in possession of numerous other false documents and of stolen credit cards.

The jury deliberated approximately 12 minutes before returning a verdict of guilty on all counts. The judge even deeming Williams as a "financial predator."