UPDATE: The NAACP marched against injustice from law enforcement Wednesday.

The march comes after two cases in which videos show law enforcement officers assaulting suspects.

The latest video shows Officer Benjamin Piazza punching Fredrico Wolfe.

Channel 3 told you about the other video, which shows Hamilton County Detective Blake Kilpatrick punching and kicking Charles Toney, before Christmas.

The two videos are the reason why the NAACP decided to march.

NAACP members hope this will spark the conversation to improve the relationship between community members and law enforcement.

They also want to prevent future injustices by bridging that gap.

Doctor Elenora Woods with the Chattanooga NAACP says she gets angry watching the videos that have surfaced over the last year showing the way some law enforcement interact with the community.

She said she's putting her anger toward positive resolutions.

Woods said she is not only marching for change, but she is taking her ideas for diversity directly to Sheriff Jim Hammond.

“Involve hiring more African-American police officers,” Woods said. “We have about 17 percent African Americans throughout the county.”

Captain Van Hinton with the sheriff's office attended Wednesday’s march.

He said they are hiring right now, but they are having a hard time getting applicants through the process.

“A lot of the applicants can't get past the smoking marijuana, and that's very disappointing,” Hinton said.

Hinton plans on doing more regional outreach to increase the number of applicants.

Meanwhile, Woods believes more training could help the current members of law enforcement be better equipped for various situations.

“More sensitivity training, which they have some degree going on right now, but we need to be fed up and make sure that the training is intense,” Woods said.

Chattanooga City Council members will meet with Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy next week to discuss department policy.

PREVIOUS STORY: The NAACP is marching Wednesday against police brutality.

This comes after two cases in which videos show law enforcement officers assaulting suspects.

The first case happened just before Christmas 2018. Cell phone video showed Hamilton County Detective Blake Kilpatrick kicking and punching Charles Toney while he was on the ground in handcuffs.

The most recent case involved Chattanooga Police Officer Benjamin Piazza. Body camera video showed Officer Piazza punching Fredrico Wolfe during a traffic stop in March 2018. The police report said Wolfe was seen going 12 miles over the speed limit and that Wolfe reportedly threw drugs out of the window.

These two cases are the reason the NAACP Vice President, George Calhoun, wants to march on January 23.

“The Chattanooga community is tired of police brutality and excessive violence. so, we wanted to express that in terms of unity, in terms of bringing all the different groups together in Chattanooga. We want to let them know that we don't agree with what's happening and we want to see it stopped,” said Calhoun.

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11:18am- Woods supports the investigation from city council members into the most recent video. She says if an officer didn’t do anything wrong than they have nothing to hide.

11:14am - Chattanooga president Dr. Elanora Woods says seeing these videos make her and many other angry but it’s about putting that energy towards positive solutions. Woods says leaders have been in communication with law enforcement officials about ways to improve across the board.

11:12am- The regional representative says they want accountability and transparency from law enforcement agencies across the country.

11:08am- Chattanooga @NAACP is hosting a press conference today after a second video surfaced involving another person from law enforcement. They say this video say police brutality and excessive force.