UPDATE: All charges against Fredrico Wolfe, the man seen being punched by a Chattanooga police officer, been dropped, according to his attorney. 

"I’m satisfied that all criminal charges have been dropped and we are looking forward to seeking readdress in a civil litigation down the road,” Wolfe's attorney, Robin Flores, said. 

Channel 3 will keep you updated as we learn more.  

PREVIOUS STORY: Channel 3 sat down with the attorney who released body camera video that shows a Chattanooga police officer punching a man, nearly a year ago.

Attorney Robin Flores says Fredrico Wolfe gave him that video footage before he retained him as his lawyer. He says Wolfe's previous attorney got the video from police. Flores says he believed the community needed to see it. He says the officers in the video, the Chattanooga Police Department and the city as a whole need to be held accountable.

Flores says Wolfe is now terrified of police officers. Flores has advised him not to talk to media.

The video shows Officer Benjamin Piazza holding a gun while asking Wolfe to step out of the vehicle

“Get out of the car. Put your hands up and get out of the car. Get the f*** out of the car and put your hands up. Put your hands on the car,” Piazza says in the video.

The video shows Wolfe obeyed the commands. That is when three officers take Wolfe to the ground as Piazza punches him. 

“He had some numbness and pain in his hand. His glasses were broken. His head had hurt,” said Flores.

Moments later, Wolfe is taken to officer piazza's patrol car.

An extended video from our partners, Times Free Press, shows Piazza ask Wolfe “Why all of this?” Wolfe responded saying, “Sir, I was just going home.” Piazza then asked Wolfe, “what are you on tonight man?”

Flores says Wolfe admitted to throwing drugs out of the window before he was stopped. 

“Nothing. Sir, I threw the stuff out of the car, but I did whatever you told me to do,” said Wolfe. 

Flores says the questioning was a form of interrogation, and may have been done to incriminate his client.

“Law enforcement is required to warn. You know we see it on TV. Read me my rights,” said Flores. “There's no waiver of that whatsoever and Mr. Piazza was successful in extracting those inculpatory statements from Mr. Wolfe and that's what we seek to suppress.”

Flores says they are working to identifying the other two officers in the video.

After three delayed court hearings, a judge sent Wolfe's case was sent to a grand jury on Wednesday.

“We anticipate a very rigorous defense,” said Flores. “In regard to civil actions, I have to identify the other two officers and we fully intend to seek suit under state and federal law.”

Police Chief David Roddy and Mayor Andy Berke have not made any more comments on the incident since Friday, but they both expressed concerns and Chief Roddy assured everyone a thorough investigation.