A Harrison neighborhood is still cleaning up after heavy rain caused flooding in many of their yards.

Susan Catlett shared a video of her flooded yard from Saturday.

By Monday, most of the flooding had gone down.

Catlett said this isn't the first time flood waters have taken over her property, sometimes even seeping into her home causing damage to her basement and fence.

She now worries about mold and other things that could be in the water.

"We've flooded five times since August," said Catlett. 

"We just get out there and start fighting it like we're going to save the farm!" she added.

She's not the only one dealing with the issue.

She said several of her neighbors along Sims Road are in the same boat.

"Everyone has tried to get in touch with someone, trying to figure out what we need to do. Because we don't want to make it worse for the next one down the way," said Catlett.

But no one can fix it if they aren't exactly sure what is causing the water to rise.

Catlett though has a feeling construction on the hill behind her home may be contributing to the problem.

"I think what's not helping, along with all the rain, is there's been homes built and their runoff is coming off one home up from ours and it's adding to the dry creek," she said.

Insurance experts we talked to say it's important to look at the 100-year flood plain before purchasing a home.

Catlett said she's gotten conflicting information from insurance companies and now hopes to find someone with the appropriate background to find a permanent fix before the flood waters return.

But until that day comes, she chooses to look on the bright side.

"We keep finding our joy in the little things. The puddles!" she said.