The weather is cold, rainy and the kids are stuck inside for another weekend. What will
they be doing? Here's an idea: what if they read?

I know, that won't be easy for most parents, but what if it's a comic book?

Madefire Comics & Motion Books is a free app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices
that include so of the classics like Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Archie, and all the
others parents remember as kids. There are many free comics to read (or watch) but
most cost a few bucks so parents may want to make sure the kids can’t buy things from
the app stores without permission.

The comics are as brilliantly illustrated as they were and still are if you can find them.
Motion Books are also included. These are comics that are illustrated with motion. You
can view those comic panels, then read along.

Today’s parents might remember their own parents discouraging from reading comic
books. Today, it would be refreshing to see kids with their eyes buried into the stories of