EPB reported over 400 power outages in Hamilton County overnight.

One hundred and thirty of those customers were in Harrison.

People off of Fairest Drive were without power for over 10 hours.

Bill Price and his wife have lived in the area for years, but in the past year, they've had four outages in their neighborhood.

"Around 11:15, 11:30 last night, I was just sitting there watching TV, and then after that, just went to bed. Woke up this morning, still no power,” Price said.

He and other neighbors say they took food out of the fridge and placed it outside, so the food wouldn't spoil.

And they took every step they could to stay warm.

"Blankets. My wife was laying in bed with two dogs. It was only a two dog night. We find a way to do it,” Price said.

Price says after last night, he will definitely invest in a generator to keep his home warm.

"I used to have a generator, but the thing died on me last year and haven't had the chance to go get another. But guess what? I'm getting one tomorrow,” Price said.

EPB said the wind from Saturday night knocked a tree onto a power line.

Crews were out for hours fixing the problem.

They even had to go through one neighbor's yard to get to the damaged line.

Despite the outage, residents say EPB responded well. 

"They've always been Johnny-on-the-spot when we've had problems up here. I have no complaints about their call time or the quality of work they do. They get up here,” Price said.

Power has been restored to the majority of EPB customers who lost it overnight.