Nine years after she was acquitted of child molestation charges, a former North Georgia kindergarten teacher was sworn in as an attorney to defend those who are falsely accused of child sex abuse.

Tonya Craft's case made national headlines when she was accused of child molestation at Chickamauga Elementary in 2008.

She lost her home and custody of her children.

However, two years later a jury found Craft not guilty on 22 child molestation charges.

Now, she's using that experience to help others in her consulting firm.

She talked about how the firm got started two years ago.

"I got a phone call and the phone was someone that said my friend has been falsely accused, will you please consider helping on his case? So, I talked to him, I talked to his attorney and I ended up consulting on his case,” Craft said. “So it just kind of happened. It wasn't something that I anticipated and he's actually here today."

A documentary series is being filmed about Craft's life during the trial and after her charges were dropped.

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