A Chattanooga roofing company says because of all the rain we've seen in the Tennessee Valley, more people are in need of repairs.

Channel 3's Storm Alert team says we could get our entire average monthly rainfall by the end of Saturday.

So far this year, we've had more than three inches of rain.

We compare that to this time last year, at which time we saw no rain.

Brian Helton with the JDH company says he's seeing an increase in customers.

“Probably on the board, we've got between 18 and 20 roofs right now that need pricing,” said Brian Helton. “People are realizing that their roofs are so bad.”

Brian Helton says consistent rainfall is problematic for a roof, and it makes it difficult for crews to complete the job because the roof needs multiple days to dry out.

If you have some concerns about your roof here's what you should look for.

“When you look up you'll see spots on your ceiling sometimes as running down your wall, and there will be a stain spot or brown spot on your ceiling,” said Helton.

Helton says after you get your roof replaced, have an inspector check out the roof every few years.

That way minor repairs can be made as they are detected instead of putting it off for a higher bill.

“We can check it out, look over the roof make sure the roof is in good condition. At that time, we will look and make sure to check all of your flashing detail to make sure that they are in good shape,” said Helton.

Helton says in the event you do need a repair, have a professional come out to inspect the roof and put a tarp on it.

He says don't try to do it yourself because you may get hurt.

“Make sure that they have insurance Workmens' Comp. insurance is key,” Helton explained.

Helton says if you do need roof repairs, make sure you verify the company is approved by the National Roofing Contractor Association.