It's day 27 of the government shutdown and thousands of people and agencies are left waiting on paychecks and funding.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Transportation tells Channel 3, all of its projects are funded right now, but the longer the shutdown continues there is a bigger chance projects will be delayed.

TDOT has been stockpiling salt and brine since the summer preparing for this winter.

"It's hard to think about winter when it's like a thousand degrees outside but we do,” said TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn. “We stockpile our salt throughout the state, throughout all 95 counties. So, we are ready and we have a full salt bin here."

Flynn said funding for winter weather preparations comes from the state maintenance budget, money they have access to even though the federal government is shutdown.

"We don't want anything to the affect our ability to get supplies or re-supply our stocks when they get depleted,” said Flynn, “So, it could affect if that were the case, but fortunately it's not."

However, federally funded projects are a different story.

TDOT heavily relies on federal funding for many road projects. Flynn said projects that have already started are good to go.

If the government shutdown continues it could delay projects that are approved and ready to go, but haven't actually started yet.

"The money is there but we just can't get it. So, it may slow things down a bit on letting some of our future projects,” Flynn explained.

Flynn said no projects are delayed yet because of the government shutdown.