Richard Hardy Memorial School students are out of school Thursday and Friday because a stomach flu virus that is going around.

With so many people getting sick this time of year, a local doctor shared some tips on how you can get over an illness before you begin to feel worse.

The Center for Disease Control says this is the peak time for flu season.

Doctor Jonathan Kerley described when you should go to the emergency room and gave some home remedies to help you get over an illness.

He says he's starting to see more people coming into his office with flu symptoms, and it's affecting entire families.

“People who experience it know that it can be challenging, and it's definitely no fun,” Kerley said. “With the body aches, chills and cough and headache you feel really really bad.”

Kerley said the best way to get over a cold or virus once you are sick is to take care of your body.

Most people begin to eat more soups when they are sick, and Kerley said that's beneficial.

“The soup is good because you're getting nutrition, hydration and it goes back to support your immune system,” Kerley said.

Kerley said anyone can get medicine over the counter but should look at the label to make sure they are treating your symptoms.

He also offered a suggestion for what type of products to consider.

“There are some studies that suggest the zinc-based products help decrease viral replication,” Kerley explained. “There are some things you can get from the health food stores in your local pharmacies.”

Kerley said if you start getting worse, you may not need to go to the emergency room, but you should definitely make an appointment to see a physician.

He said the doctor can prescribe medicine to take, but first, they will need you to be able to tell them what's wrong.

“Help them understand the difference from the baseline,” Kerley added. “What is normal? What is different or odd from being petty and being off of your normal schedule?”

So far, this flu season has not taken off like it did last year when close to 50 million people caught flu.

In order to keep the number of cases down, the CDC recommends that just about everyone over the age of six months get a flu vaccination.