Major Tommy Bradford with the Dade County Sheriff's Office is walking for the first time in almost six months.

Lora Wooten ran over Major Bradford's leg while she was attempting to flee officers last August. She was sentenced last week to 40 years, 15 of which she must serve behind bars. 

Major Bradford traveled to Athens, Georgia, to be fitted for his prosthetic leg.

His wife, Mary Ann Bradford, posted videos from him walking on Facebook.

"And all God’s people said....Amen. He’s walking," she said. "He said it’s harder then he thought and still more measuring and tweaking his test socket."

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This is part of the process for him to be able to return to work soon.

For the past few months, Major Bradford has been working part-time on desk duty.

The couple is now headed home. His wife thanked everyone for their support over the last several months. 

"We are headed home!!" Mary Ann said. "Thank you family and friends for your love, prayers, support and encouragement over the last 5 months. God has truly blessed us, we are so grateful for his mercy and grace."

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