UPDATE: Jadarius Knox has been granted trial before a jury by a local judge.

He admitted to shooting and killing Aaron Dakota Biddle last year, and originally agreed to a plea deal of 4 years’ probation.

But Knox believes he acted in self-defense.

Knox’s attorney says he believes he has a constitutional right to have his case heard.

Biddle's mother, Samantha Baltazar, says there is no getting over the horror Knox committed

"There is nothing that will ever give me closure. I have my son around my neck every day. That's what I have now. Or his earn sitting over there, or the pictures all over the house. Or the memories. That's all I have,” Baltazar said.

It's been a year since she said goodbye, but she says it feels like an eternity of grief.

"I feel like....I feel like he's just not here right now. He's doing his own thing. We haven't talked on the phone. That's how it feels on some days. But some days, I can't...I just cry off and on all day long,” Baltazar said.

Her daughter, Carissa, has had a hard time losing her brother, saying her daughter hasn't been the same.

Claiming Knox took everything from them.

"He robbed my daughter of her teenage years with him. He has robbed me of grandchildren, he has robbed me of my future. He has robbed my son of his future. My whole family that thought Dakota was the entire world,” Baltazar said.

Knox's next court date is August 15th, then the next hearing will be October 8th.

The main trial will be on February 11th.

PREVIOUS STORY: The charges against Jadarius Knox have changed from criminal homicide to voluntary manslaughter.

Knox admitted to shooting and killing 21-year old Aaron Dakota Biddle last May.

Biddle’s mother, Samantha, says this is an unforgivable act.

"It's not fair that you can make a decision to kill someone, especially when they are unarmed and you've already ran away,” Baltazar says.

According to an affidavit, Biddle was trying to grab several belongings from an ex-girlfriend. Jadarius Knox was there at the time. Once Biddle loaded his belongings in his car, he reportedly tried to start an argument with Knox. Biddle then ran into the home and started punching Knox. That's when Knox ran outside, pointed a gun at Biddle, and shot him.

Baltazar says the events that followed will haunt her forever.

"I have to learn to live a different life. I don't have a choice,” Baltazar says.

She says losing a son is something no mother should go through.

"A mom losing her kid is the worst thing ever,” Baltazar says.

Jadarius Knox was charged with criminal homicide after admitting to shooting Biddle.

Since then, the charges have changed.

The District Attorney’s Office says they do not comment on any pending cases.

Biddle's mother says this isn't the way to go.

"You run away, and then you turn around and decide to kill someone,” Baltazar says.

Baltazar thinks this isn't the proper justice her son deserves.

"I feel like they have failed my son, they've failed me, and I feel like they are failing the public,” Baltazar says.

Knox's court date was supposed to be on January 15, but has since been moved to March 6.

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