The latest addition at Erlanger East is a one-stop-shop for cancer patients.

Dr. Norleena Gullett says, "The goal is as you mentioned that one stop shop, but to really ease the burden for patients and their families undergoing cancer treatment."

Patients like Philip Cagle.

Philip Cagle says, "I was initially diagnosed with B-Cell lymphoma. It was skin cancer."

Cagle found himself at Erlanger East undergoing radiation treatment.

The center has a linear accelerator. It customizes high energy X-rays to conform to a tumor's shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing the surrounding normal tissue. Dr. Gullett says it also cuts down on time and exposure.

Dr. Gullett says, "So previously if a patient required six weeks of radiation we're now able to do that in three or four or sometimes even shorter. The treatments are also shorter."

Cagle says, "I came daily; five days a week and there were 20 treatments."

There's also new technology to make getting a mammogram easier and less painful in the Breast Center.

Dr. Gullett says, "We have comfort curve paddles so it's less painful. She can immediately be taken across the street with state of the art biopsy equipment."

The technology provides results and a diagnosis must faster.

Patients can also get infusion services, pulmonary and critical care, along with dermatology treatment.

Dr. Gullett says, "We have a full team of support staff here in addition that can provide assistance with transportation, help with lodging if they have needs at home."

Cagle says he is just grateful to be given more time with his family.

Cagle says, "I'm blessed to have 10 grandkids."

Dr. Gullett said a lot of thought was put into the layout of the new facility making it much easier and more accessible for patients.