Chattanoogans are finding new ways they can help employees impacted by the government shutdown.

A local auto shop owner is offering a discount for furloughed employees who need car repairs.

About 8 years ago, Brett Elliot was stationed at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base when he experienced the effects of a government shutdown.

He says it lasted for almost a month, and it was nerve-wracking.

“It was scary,” Elliot explained, “wondering if my bills are going to get paid back home while I was out to sea, and you couldn't do anything about it.”

He wanted to help those employees whose paychecks are still up in the air.

He began to see more businesses around the country offering assistance to furloughed employees.

That's when he got the idea to help with car repair expenses through his shop, German Autohaus.

“Unfortunately we cannot cover the parts, but as far as the labor, us getting our hands physically on the car and working on it, we are covering that up to $250,” Elliott said.

He said this discount would cover about two and a half hours of labor.

Elliot said this is the time of year many people are trying to get their repairs done because it's right after the holidays.

He said this offer will cover the majority of the repairs his shops will see.

“The cold temperatures significantly impact a battery's condition,” Elliott explained. “We see a lot of battery replacements along with that, alternator replacements.”

Elliott said he hopes the shutdown is over soon, but he will continue to offer these service until the last day.