A new study shows more young adults are leaving church.

"It's like pulling off a band-aid," Associate Pastor Nick Cancemi said.

For Cancemi, the study is concerning.

"When you see the study you know you're not going to like the fact that so many are plugging out of the church at least for a short period of time," Cancemi said.

The study from Lifeway research shows that a lot of 18 to 22-year-old young adults stopped attending church regularly from 2007 to 2017. Those who said they stopped going to church nearly doubled in that 10-year span.

"We've kind of seen the trend in this research playing true here," Cancemi said. 

At Sharon Baptist Church in North Knoxville, they're seeing the hit.  

According to data from the non-partisan Pew Research center In 2007, 84% of Tennessee adults were absolutely certain they believed in God. In 2014 that number dropped to 78%. 

Cancemi said many things can contribute to young adults leaving the church, but he thinks not taking ownership of your faith is the biggest reason. 

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