The government has been shut down for almost three weeks.

More than 800,000 workers have not seen a paycheck during this time.

One local synagogue is hoping to lift spirits and provide support in the form of gift cards, which are all going to furloughed TSA workers.

Mizpah congregation of Chattanooga donated $1,200 worth of gift cards in $20 increments to those agents in hopes of helping workers feel appreciated.

Rabbi Craig Lewis of Mizpah Congregation, "That's the most important thing, is that somebody who knows that we are thinking about them and that we are not just thinking, we are actually taking action to let them know."

Rabbi Lewis says he is happy to hear one of his sermons touched one of his members so much they started a campaign to help furloughed workers.

TSA agents at the Chattanooga airport are among more than 800,000 federal workers working without a paycheck during the government shutdown.

Dr. Frank Miller is the man behind the giving operation serving as a board member of the synagogue.

Miller says there are limits to what people can give federal workers, but wants to help anyway. His synagogue was only able to help about 60-furloughed workers with a $20 gift card.

Miller said, "It'll give a little money for gas, for diapers, for some food and help people to get through and that's the purpose of what we are doing. We just want to show them we care and we are here."

Dr. Miller has offered to help other organizations who may want to give as well.

Miller says you can email him at or visit the synagogue.