Parents got together at Jasper Middle School for a kid-free class where they learned ways to monitor their child’s online presence. Learning about everything from secret apps to cyber bullying.

“We don’t know it all and the kids to do,” said JMS librarian Jane Bumpus. “And we need to be aware of what they’re doing and what’s out there.”

Homeland security special agent David Nally taught a seminar to parents about apps that could pose a danger. He said parents need to know how kids could use them.

“It’s a trove of just people bullying each other, telling rumors on each other, inappropriate pictures,” Nally explained.

Nally said parents and grandparents should start talking about internet safety at a young age.

“Make sure they’re open with you about what they’re doing. Snoop. Stay in their business with these phones,” said Nally.

He recommends talking about bullying, online predators, and the danger of posting personal information, like your address. He also said parents need to know about “calculator apps” that allow users to keep secret information.

“There are apps hidden behind the apps sometimes,” said Bumpus. “He can show parents some tips and also some things to look for with online activity for their children, and to keep them safe."

Bumpus believes staying up to date with new apps can be difficult, but it’s important for both parents and teachers.

“At school we deal with this all the time” she explained. “We deal with cyber bullying... and it comes to school and we have to handle it."

Nally also recommends getting your child the same type of phone you use. So, if you use an iPhone, get an iPhone for your child. He said this helps you know how to use the phone, and you can stay up to date with any new apps.