Volkswagen announced an $800 million expansion that is expected to bring new jobs to their facility.

That could mean hundreds of families moving to Hamilton County.

Properties are optimistic about what this means for the market.

Property Manager Simone May say this is good news for the housing availability in the area.

She says this industry is all about location.

“I-75 is just a few minutes away. Hopefully, a lot of people traveling to 75 to get to Volkswagen will see our area as a good area,” said Simone May.

The additional jobs could bring hundreds of families to Hamilton County.

May says she expects there to be opportunities for people to find exactly what they want.

“A lot of property managers like myself will be so happy to have it filled with tons of Volkswagen employees. There are plenty of apartments for them,” said May.

Realtor Andy Hodes says he looks forward to the expansion, which would give families a chance to own their own property.

“Production workers at Volkswagen being able to get that raise and a better job. So that they can buy at home, and live the American dream,” said Andy Hodes.

Hodes says right now is the best time to buy a house, but he expects there will still be options when the new jobs become available.

Hodes and May agree that we could see a steady increase in housing prices.

“I'm not in 2016 2017 and 2018 are median home price continued to rise,” said Hodes. “Currently the median home value is $187,000.”

Volkswagen hasn't announced when hiring will start, but we will pass that information along when we find out.