It’s a topic that has started wars and divided families. Our good friend, Mark Warren, laid it out when he called in.

This week's question from C. Mark Warren: "It’s a debate in my house over many years.  Do you get wetter in the rain if you walk or run?  If you’re running, it seems like you might get wetter than if you’re walking, but that’s just me. I might be wrong on that. That’s my 3 Cents!"

Well, believe it or not, scientists have actually devoted time and money to this question, and there are formulas you can apply to get the answer.  But the formulas are long and quite honestly I’m not smart enough to understand them.

Basically, it comes down to how much rain is falling on your head versus how much rain you are going through between a fixed point and your car. If the amount of rain is constant, than whether you run or walk you will be going through the same amount of water.  Think of a snow plow. Whether the plow is going 5 mph or 50 mph, it is going to encounter the same amount of snow.

So it comes down to how much water falls on your head, and MY 3 cents is that the amount of water that falls on your head can be lessened at least slightly by, wait for it, running rather than walking.

Now there are other factors to consider what your optimal speed should be: wind, angle of rain, your size… but if you are that worried about it, maybe you just follow my coworker Bill’s advice, and just stay on the porch.

Wise words indeed, Bill.  That's my 3 cents.  If you have something on your mind, I want to hear about it!  Give me a call at 423-643-9722 and give me your 3 cents.