Most Americans during this time of year will be trying new diets in order to lose weight.

Famous trainer Jillian Michaels made headlines earlier this week when she slammed the Keto diet.

Some nutritionists say high-fat diets like Keto won't help you lose weight.

Personal trainer Danielle Glover is one of many in the fitness and health industry who say the Keto diet can cause more harm than good.

The diet requires you to cut carbs and substitute with foods higher in fat and more protein.

Glover says foods with higher fat can raise your cholesterol and eventually cause more dangerous problems in the future.    

"Following that diet for a long period of time will definitely start to affect your arteries and your heart," Glover said.

Keto has become a popular diet in the past few years.

According to Forbes Magazine, Keto was the most popular diet trend in 2018.

Glover says any diet that restricts a person from eating carbs isn't the right way to go.

"Any diet that says don't eat carbs is one that I would steer clear from because again carbs is our bodies main source of energy. If you eat the right kinds, it can really do your body well,” Glover said.

A study by the Courier-Journal says the diet is for short term success and the results aren't sustainable.

Glover says following certain diets for long periods of time can change your mindset on food.

Something she says isn't worth the extreme lifestyle change.

"Food is good for you and meant to be enjoyed in abundance if you eat the right kinds. So when you are following these fad diets for a long time, you may start to look at food as the enemy, and it's not."

Glover says when someone starts a diet, they should find one that lets them enjoy good food in moderation.

"Learn to appreciate the energy that it gives you. And just focus on eating real foods in abundance and not restriction,” Glover said.