Hidden among the trees on a mountaintop in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains sits Leo the Enlightened, a giant and peaceful troll.

Leo is the newest of many trolls built throughout the world by Danish artist and sculptor Thomas Dambo.

"The sculpture is part of my big international troll project," Dambo said.

Leo is 20 feet tall and about as wide. It took a team of about 8 people to build him from recycled wood in 10 days.

This is the 14th troll sculpture Dambo built in 2018. He's also built trolls in Chicago, the Denver area, and Denmark, to name a few locations.

"Trolls are popular in Denmark in folklore," Dambo said. "They can be kind or mean depending on how the humans act."

We'll let his typo slide since he's not from around here.

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Leo the Enlightened isn't easily accessible right now, located on private property outside of the national park.

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