Supporters gathered at the Dalton Golf and Country Club early Saturday morning to see Governor-Elect Brian Kemp on one of the final stops of his "Georgia First" tour.

He gave thanks to all who supported him throughout his campaign and let them know he is ready to be governor of Georgia.

"We've had just a great response from people. The opportunity to thank people for supporting the transition and getting us ready to go on day one,” Kemp said.

Kemp's supporters are also ready to see the man they've elected to take office.

"That's one thing about Brian Kemp you'll never find. You won't find anyone that works harder than he does,” 6th District Representative Jason Ridley said.  

One of Kemp's main initiatives as governor is strengthening local business in the state. It's a platform he says helped him gain support from so many in Dalton.

"This is a great part of our state, and we wanted to make sure we got up here and say thank you to everyone. And let them know I'm going to be a governor that's going to be working for our whole state,” Kemp said.

The last time Kemp was in Dalton, he was alongside Vice President Mike Pence.

Vice President Pence was one of Kemp's most vocal supporters during the campaign.

President Donald Trump also expressed his support for the conservative governor.

The government shutdown is entered its 22nd day Saturday due to border security issues.  

Kemp believes a deal will be made soon.

"But I have great confidence in our Congressional Delegation and the passion they have as well as the president standing on his principles,” Kemp said.

Kemp will be sworn in on Monday at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.