"There's not a day that goes by that we don't think about it. When we pass each other in the hall you just have that smile about you," Heritage head softball coach Tanner Moore said.

How could you not think about it? Down two late in the game, no problem for the Heritage Lady Generals as a freshman walked them off to their first ever state softball championship.

"When you look back on it you think, that actually happened. The whole team celebrating together, all the parents. Our support system was unbelievable. The feeling is just unbelievable and indescribable," Heritage senior utility player Reagan Armour said.

And now they need that support system more than ever because the champs need some bling.

“You know it's a budget thing. It's not something you really budget for, to win a state championship and to symbolize it with rings. So any and all donations would be appreciated. They're tax deductible and we really appreciate that," Moore said.

For a championship team rings mean so much more than just a flashy piece of jewelry. It represents a bond, a journey. And for a school like Heritage, who's only 11 years old, it just makes that first title so much more special.

"We really didn't have any problems with one another all season long. I think that just brought us closer together. We played as a team. We all really grew up together too so for us to win it together, especially us seniors to win it our senior year, is just amazing," Heritage senior first baseman Katie Proctor said.

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