A Whitfield County man makes a chilling call to 911 admitting to brutally stabbing two women to death.

Michael Townsend is now in custody for the murders of 72-year-old Judy Potts and 44-year-old Krystal Spainhour. He told the E-911 operator that he needed to turn himself in because he was "ashamed of himself."

Dispatcher: "Dispatch..."

Suspect: "Yes Ma'am, I need to turn myself in..."

Dispatcher: "What's your name?"

Suspect: "Michael Townsend."

You can hear the confusion and fear in Townsend's voice, fear of what he tells the dispatcher he did.

Dispatcher: "What made you want to hurt them?"

Townsend: "Honestly I can't even remember what she said. I just got out of the shower and she said something to me and I just...I just lost my mind."

Dispatcher: "What kind of things would make you upset like that?

Townsend: "Morally, nothing. I would never do anything this ugly. I just... "

Whitfield County Authorities charged Townsend with the murders of two women--a mother and daughter--72 year-old Judy Potts and 44 year-old Kristal Spainhour.

Dispatcher: "When did this happen?"

Townsend: "I'm not sure. It's been a few hours."

Dispatcher: "Are they related to you some how?

Townsend: "No ma'am...but they're like my family."

Both Potts and Spainhour suffered from several fatal stab wounds.

Townsend: "I'm unarmed, (and) I'm not irate. I just lost my mind."

Dispatcher: "It just made you mad or upset?"

Townsend: "Yes ma'am. It triggered me."

Their dog was also badly beaten.

It's a call that lasted nearly an hour and ended in Townsend's arrest.

Captain Paul Wood with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office confirms just three days before that call, the 911 Center received another call about a disturbance at that same residence on Tanglewood Drive. That's where Townsend and the two victims lived.