Televisions are always a big star at CES. They're always getting bigger and always getting brighter. You may be watching this newscast right now on a 4K television, but pretty soon you'll want one of these 8K TVs.

Every TV company is touting new 8K televisions with four times the resolution of 4K televisions.

What does that mean?

"Resolution is based on how many little pixels or dots are on the screen. So we went from about 8 million little dots on the screen on a 4K TV, to over 33 million on an 8K TV," a technology expert at CES said.

That's a lot of numbers, what does it all mean? Who really needs an 8K TV?

"As consumers are buying bigger and bigger TVs, they're not moving their couches back so they're sitting closer and closer to the TV," the expert said.

"With 8K, I could have a 300-inch screen and sit about 10 feet away. Can you imagine that? We're talking about the cinema experience," an LG spokesperson said.

For everyone who wouldn't want a 300-inch television in their home, there are the new TVs that hide the fact you even have one.

"We have the ability now to build a rollable television. This is our R9 signature OLED TV for 2019," an LG spokesperson added.

Credit card thin, the TV rolls up from a box when you want to watch something. And rolls back into a bench when you're not watching.

None of these TVs are available yet. You can't run out and buy one now.

The good news is that when they are released, the prices of 4K televisions will come down.