Five months after the crash that changed a Dade County Sheriff's deputy's life, he says his family is relieved that justice was served.

Major Tommy Bradford says he's forgiven Lora Wooten, the woman who ran him over while trying to flee from law enforcement last August. 

Thursday, she was sentenced to 40 years, 15 of which she must serve behind bars. 

Major Bradford tells Channel 3 that he was OK with the verdict and wanted it to be fair to Wooten. 

He says it's been difficult for his family to forgive her, but now that it's over, he says they're all just ready to move forward. 

"That part's behind us as far as the sentencing and my family don't have to go through any court, so that's going to be nice for me to know that they don't have to go through that stuff," Major Bradford said.

Major Bradford said that now that the trial is behind them, he and his wife are preparing to make a major step in his recovery. 

They will travel to Athens, Georgia, next week to get him fitted for a prosthetic leg.