A Georgia man will spend the next 25 years in prison for molesting two minors.

According to the District Attorney's Office, Randal Troy Harris, 65, molested two underage girls for several years.

"The acts of child molestation took place over a period of years before the victim’s disclosed the abuse through the Murray and Whitfield County School Systems," the DA's Office said.

Harris was convicted in December following a week-long trial.

He was sentenced to 25 years plus life probation for two counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of aggravated child molestation. He was also charged with incest, four counts of child molestation, two counts of influencing a witness and two counts of misdemeanor battery.

"Harris will be required to serve the full 25-year sentence, day-for-day, without parole," the DA's Office explained. " As conditions of the probated portion of his sentence he will have to register as a sex offender, pay fines, perform community service work and abide by other conditions."

The DA's Office said commended the girls for being courageous and reporting the abuse.