A new coffee shop in Chattanooga is on a mission to fight human trafficking.

Together Café, located at 801 South Orchard Knob Avenue, celebrated its grand opening on Friday on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

What’s unique about the business is that it is a give back café.

It isn’t making a profit. It’s making a difference.

Every cup of coffee has a purpose. Each one is prepared and sold to help save lives

“As much as we love our city and our community and we believe that wonderful things happen here, there is a dark side,” Deven Wallace, who is a lead pastor at Redemption to the Nations Church, said.

She’s also the founder of the Zion Project, a mission to help fight human trafficking internationally.

“The typical trafficking victim doesn't look like what we think they look like. When I go to a third world country, it's a little bit more readily identified than it is here because they don't have the legal system we have to hide and protect it,” Wallace explained.

She says her daughter saw a human trafficking victim in downtown Chattanooga and that’s when she realized it was time to do more to help closer to home.

“It opened our eyes to the fact that this issue is here. It just looks different than what we thought,” Wallace said.

Together Café has six employees. After paying them and covering the cost of supplies, every dollar made supports its mission.

“Together, we took this on so we could not just go out and beg for money, but we could provide a product that would also raise funds for what we do,” Wallace said.

The café serves desserts, muffins, cookies, tea and coffee.

The name of the café is special.

“We use the word together because it says 'to get her,'” said Wallace.

The goal is to rescue women and children and change the world one cup of coffee at a time.

For more information on Together Café, its menu and hours, visit the café's website