A Marion County family is without a home after an early morning fire.

Several volunteer firefighters helped to put out the fire, but it was still a total loss.

While an official cause for this fire hasn't been determined, fire officials still warn families to take every safety precaution, especially during this winter season.

Marion County dispatchers received a call about a house fire just after 4:00 am EST Thursday.

Buck Gouger, who lives about a hundred feet away, woke up startled from the fire.

“It was just flames everywhere, but I was afraid that it will come this way because I live so close to it,” Gouger said.

Haletown Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire.

Chief Mikey Tuders was on the scene all morning and said it was difficult battling the flames.

“Overnight, it's hard to see. You can see when the fire is burning, but when you put it out, you can't see anything,” Tuders said. 

Units were also called back out to the house hours later because flames rekindled.

Tuders said although an official cause for the fire has not been determined, every homeowner is encouraged to stay safe this winter.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, heating is the second leading cause of U.S. home fires.  January and February are the peak months for heating related fires.

“Mainly just keep your space heater away from anything like a couch or anything that can catch the house on fire," Tuders explained.

The house is a total loss, but Gouger said the only thing he cares about is the family 's safety.

“They got out unharmed, and no one was harmed in the house. That’s the main thing,” Gouger said.

The family of two was able to get out of the home with no injuries.

At this time, it's unclear where they are staying.

Fire officials want to remind homeowners to keep all space heaters at least three feet away from anything flammable.